About Me

Jeffery D. Lennon, a Boston-born retired serviceman, has left a significant imprint in law enforcement and the military, characterized by commitment, resilience, and unyielding service to his country. Now residing in Carver, Massachusetts, after spending over four decades in Plymouth, Jeffery's life narrates a tale of steadfast dedication to his career, hobbies, and community.

Professional Life and Accomplishments

Early Career and Military Service

Jeffery's path took a profound turn when he chose to serve in the U.S. Army—his time in the military and law enforcement background shaped him into a resilient, disciplined individual. During his service, Jeffery displayed an exemplary record, resulting in a commendable career that still impacts his life and achievements.

Homeownership through VA Loans

One of the milestones Jeffery takes pride in is purchasing his first home through VA loans, an accomplishment facilitated by his military service. VA loans are a significant benefit provided to U.S. veterans, and acquiring a home through this program reflects Jeffery's successful navigation through his professional journey.

Areas of Expertise and Hobbies

Passion for German Shepherds

Jeffery Lennon's love for German Shepherd dogs is not just a hobby; it's a passion rooted in a deep-seated affinity. For him, the bond forged between humans and their canine companions is unmatched. This hobby provides a unique channel for emotional connection and mutual understanding, enriching his life on a profoundly personal level.

Other Interests: Airsoft, Camouflage, and Cannabis

Beyond his affection for German Shepherds, Jeffery is interested in airsoft—a competitive team shooting sport—and camouflage techniques, often used in military and recreational contexts. Moreover, he is fascinated with cannabis, a plant with various medicinal and recreational uses.

Community Service and Philanthropy

Jeffery's commitment to service extends beyond his military career into his community. He was actively involved with the Catholic Church for thirteen years, contributing to their community outreach and charitable programs. This chapter of Jeffery's life illustrates his dedication to helping others and his commitment to positively impacting his community.

Personal Life

Jeffery was born on November 27, 1976, in Boston, Massachusetts, and spent most of his life in Plymouth before settling in Carver. He attended Wilkes University in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, enriching his academic knowledge.

Though Jeffery is retired now, his career's imprint continues to resonate in his life—his accomplishments are a testament to his resilience, discipline, and dedication to service. The essence of Jeffery Lennon's life can be encapsulated in his unwavering commitment to service, his passion for his hobbies, and his heartfelt bond with his German Shepherd dogs. The narrative of his life serves as an inspiring reminder of the profound impacts of dedication, both professionally and personally.


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